Boston Grammar School 1939 (Part 3 of 8)

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1_21 Payne1_20 Hildred1_19 ?1_18 Graham Linney1_17 ?1_16 Ted Routen1_15 Fred Howse1_14 Reg Skinner2_23 Brian Lawrence Worman2_22 Richard Root2_21 William Alderson Wilkinson2_20 Frederick Leonard Cox2_19 George Scott2_18 ?2_17 J A Robinson4_22 Smith4_21 John Dickson4_20 Jack Upsall4_19 Jack Sharpe4_18 Norman Cheer4_17 Peter Baker4_16 C A Burton5_22 Jim Parsons5_21 Hobart5_20 ?5_19 ?5_18 ?5_17 N Tooke5_16 Harman5_15 ?5_14 ?6_29 Upsall6_28 ?6_27 ?6_26 ?6_25 Dodsworth6_24 Hall6_23 J BatesBoston Grammar School 1939 (Part 3 of 8)
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Photograph by Ray Studios Limited, Braintree, Essex - provided by Stan Meeds.

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