Boston Grammar School 1939 (Part 4 of 8)

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1_27 Casswell1_26 Mobbs1_25 Richard Lincoln1_24 Richard T Westland1_23 Gordon Stinson1_22 R Mason2_28 Joseph Whiteley Lockwood2_27 Herbert Matthew Dickson2_26 Herbert Haycroft Morris2_25 George Ward Border2_24 Francis Robert Howse2_23 Hubert Turpin4_29 ?4_28 Frank Ryan4_27 Ernie Johns4_26 Roy Silson4_25 ?4_24 ?4_23 Broughton5_30 Chester5_29 ?5_28 ?5_27 ?5_26 Fox5_25 Frederick Ralph Bozeat5_24 ?5_23 J Hurst6_30 Hart6_29 Lyell6_28 Morley6_27 ?6_26 ?6_25 ?6_24 ?6_23 ?Boston Grammar School 1939 (Part 4 of 8)
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Photograph by Ray Studios Limited, Braintree, Essex - provided by Stan Meeds.

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