Boston Grammar School 1939 (Part 5 of 8)

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1_34 Hopper1_33 Jordan1_32 ?1_31 Reynolds1_30 Basil Holland1_29 Gill1_28 Burr2_36 Harrison2_35 Donald Stuart Parbury2_34 Antony James Beck2_33 John Webster Gledhill2_32 Frederick John Grimble2_31 Dr. Bernard Jackson2_30 Frank Ronald Gilbert Bastick4_37 P Parnham4_36 Jack Bates4_35 ?4_34 Garnham4_33 M Foster4_32 Ryan4_31 Campbell4_30 ?5_38 Arthur D Penhey5_37 ?5_36 J Parnham5_35 ?5_34 Tinkler5_33 Norman5_32 Brant5_31 ?6_39 ?6_38 ?6_37 Brown6_36 Dickinson6_35 Gordon Bradley6_34 ?6_33 Alan Stanhope6_32 P Pearson6_31 WalmsleyBoston Grammar School 1939 (Part 5 of 8)
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Photograph by Ray Studios Limited, Braintree, Essex - provided by Stan Meeds.

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