Boston Grammar School 1939 (Part 7 of 8)

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1_49 ?1_48 Clarke1_47 Ted Leigh1_46 ?1_45 Grant1_44 Thacker1_43 Norris1_42 G Parsons2_55 Teasdale2_54 Heath2_53 John Loveley2_52 Baumber2_51 Annis2_50 ?2_49 Holland2_48 Read2_47 Scaman3_13 R Isaac3_12 Houlden3_11 ?3_10 ?3_09 Smith3_08 ?3_07 ?3_06 ?4_52 ?4_51 W Clifton4_50 Norman Cowley4_49 Len Cartwright4_48 Harrison4_47 Peter Robinson4_46 Peter Cockroft5_58 Ted Lawson5_57 ?5_56 Chester5_55 L Hewitt5_54 Francis William Penhey ?5_53 R Teesdale5_52 Wass5_51 Perkins5_50 Melton5_49 Cryer5_48 Colin Stickney6_56 ?6_55 ?6_54 ?6_53 Briggs6_52 ?6_51 Jim Howes6_50 ?6_49 R Midgeley6_48 HaighBoston Grammar School 1939 (Part 7 of 8)
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Photograph by Ray Studios Limited, Braintree, Essex - provided by Stan Meeds.