Boston Grammar School 1962 (Part 2 of 6)

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8_12 Len Franklin8_13 David Lowe8_14 John Richardson8_15 Brian Jackson8_16 Keith Miller8_17 Melvyn Goor8_18 Barry Gray8_19 Newman8_20 Trevor Peak8_21 Pat Butler8_22 Fovargue8_23 J T M Smith8_24 White8_25 Phillip Galvin7_11 Graham Jenkins7_12 Pete Sandwick7_13 Richard Cropley7_14 Alderson7_15 Lea7_16 Phil Morley7_17 Kenny7_18 John Elleray7_19 David Brooks7_20 M D Cater7_21 Gale7_22 George Danby7_23 Jones6_12 Roger Jeffery Smith6_13 Stanley J P Abbott6_14 Roger Plummer6_15 Hammond6_16 Simon Fielding6_17 Pratt6_18 Barry Peck6_19 Crispin6_20 David J Baxter6_21 Michael Fixter6_22 Newham5_10 John Parker5_11 Brown5_12 David Banister5_13 Graham Wright5_14 Nicholas Broughton5_15 Edward Atkinson5_16 Peter Parnham5_17 Alan Reetham5_18 Leclerc5_19 Jim Barford5_20 Lill4_10 Alan Dring4_11 ?4_12 Wright4_13 Julian Beecham4_14 Will Vaughan4_15 ?4_16 Doug Oliver4_17 Skinner4_18 Terry Hollick4_19 Davey3_10 Don Steadman3_11 Graham Hutton3_12 Frank Cammack3_13 Mike Gledhill3_14 Richard Staples3_15 Martin Mowbray3_16 Robert J Christian3_17 David Edwin John Godfrey3_18 Michael Roe3_19 John Frederick Chambers2_13 Jack Upsall2_14 Roger Beastall2_15 Roger Hundleby2_16 Bill Worraker2_17 David Wortley2_18 Craven2_19 Baxter2_20 Collins2_21 Stuart Haynes2_22 David Cragg2_23 Rex Potter1_12 Brian Pell1_13 Pete Smith1_14 Bob Hatfield1_15 Phil Wallace1_16 Brian Snell1_17 Ian Warsop1_18 Horace Brown1_19 Pete Miller1_20 Bob Brown1_21 Paul Harvey1_22 Michael Peberdy1_23 Trevor HillBoston Grammar School 1962 (Part 2 of 6)
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Photograph by Panora Limited, London, supplied by Pete Milsom.

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