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The Foundation is the original governing body of the school dating from 1555. It ceased to govern the school following the 1944 Education Act, but as it owned assets it continued in existence to use the assets for the benefit of the school as a registered charity in England and Wales.

It is an endowed charity, meaning that it has funds which it invests for the purpose of generating an income to be spent on the charitable objects.

There are 16 volunteer members of the Foundation, including many Old Boys, who meet in the School Library to supervise the finances and co-operate with the Head in the best possible use of the money.

Typical uses include supporting the minibus, music tuition, prizes, equipment, hardship fund and special projects. There are also scholarships for former students attending university, created by generous gifts from friends of the school.

The Foundation is a registered charity, no. 527292.

Chairmen of the Governors (Foundation)

Years Chairman
1903 Joseph Cooke
1904 No election recorded
1905 William Turner Simonds
1906 H Barron Clark
1907-08 Tom Kitwood
1909-11 George Samuel William Jebb
1912-27 John Millington Simpson
1928-45 Tom Kitwood
1945-49 Edward Arthur Bailey
1950-67 William Lawson Alexander
1967-77 Peter Ellice Paine
1977-88 Reginald Geoffrey Manning Moulder
? ?
?-? Brian Pycock
?-present Martyn Hammond

Vice-Chairmen (Foundation)

Years Vice-Chairman
1926-27 Tom Kitwood
1945-46 Arthur Malcolm Cook
1947 George Henry Bird
1948 William Lawson Alexander
1950-60 William Henry Mason
1961-62 Peter Kitwood
1963-67 Peter Ellice Paine
1967-70 Arthur Henry Mather
1971-78 Peter Kitwood
1979-? James Robert "Jim" Howes
? ?
?-present Jim Tryner

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