CCF c1963

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CCF c1963

This photograph, provided by Philip J Priestley, was taken by Lincolnshire Standard.

Award-winning cadets pictured at Boston Grammar School on Thursday when the guests were Brigadier R Gordon-Finlayson and Mr W L Alexander (seated centre). Also on the picture are Mr W Ricketts, headmaster and Major N Haworth, contingent commander.

Back Row

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Second Row

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Front Row

Philip J Priestley, D W Scuffham, Major Norman Owen Haworth, William John Ricketts, William Lawson Alexander, Brigadier R Gordon-Finlayson, ?, Francis Henry Molyneux, J T Smith

School cadets congratulated by Brigadier

This article accompanied the photograph in the Lincolnshire Standard.

When he presented proficiency certificates to Boston Grammar School cadets last Thursday, Brigadier R Gordon-Finlayson, Commandant Royal Artillary 49th Infantry Division, congratulated the boys on their turnout. "Anyone can look scruffy in battledress. Congratulations, you look well." said the Brigadier. He was welcomed to the school by the combined cadet force commandant, Major N O Haworth.

Also present was Mr W L Alexander, chairman of the school governors, and among the trophies he presented was one which he had given to the school himself - the W L Alexander trophy for Inter-House efficiency. This was won by Gannock's represented by L/Bdr M G Colam. The Ayre Robinson trophy for the best recruit cadet went to Cadet R G Bailey, and the Brigadier Rice Inter-House shootign trophy was collected by CSM D W Scuffham for Muston's.

Brigadier Gordon-Finlayson then presented the certificates, and talked with each cadet individually, showing a keen interest in the training being carried out. In his address afterwards he congratulated the boys on their turnout, and went on to give some advice. "Speak up and give your opinion when you are asked - keep your mouth shut when you are not asked." he said.

The Brigadier also pointed out that the work and training which the boys were doing bore a direct relationship to regular Army methods, so they were doing a good job.

The headmaster, Mr J W Ricketts (sic), thanked the Brigadier and Mr Alexander, and also paid tribute to the cadets' officers, who did all their CCF work after school hours and during holidays.

Certificate winners were. Army proficiency: Cpl S J P Abbott, L/Bdr R J Budge, L/Bdr M G Colam, Cdt C P Craven, L/Bdr T F Cunnington, L/Cpl W J Daker, Cdt T A Dunn, Cdt S Fielding, Cdt W E Gale, Cdt M A Gostelow, L/Bdr P M Heard, L/Bdr R G Heppenstall, Cdt R G Hicks, Cdt P R Jones, Cdt J S Mamak, Cpl M K Moore, Cdt P W Morley, L/Bdr D J Moulder, Cdt P G Newham, Sergt P J Priestley, Cdt D K Rushton, L/Bdr G J Simpson, Cdt G Woods. Gunnery: Bdr Champion, L/Bdr M G Colam, L/Bdr T F Cunnington, L/Bdr P M Heard, L/Bdr R G Heppenstall, L/Bdr D J Moulder, Sergt J T Smith. Signals classification: L/Cpl W J Daker, Cdt J S Mamak, Cdt P W Morley, Cdt G Woods.