Centennial Anthology

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Centennial Anthology  
Cover of Centennial Anthology (grey with blue lettering)
Author(s) Paul Mould (editor)
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject(s) A collection of articles relating to the history of Boston Grammar School
Genre(s) Local history
Publisher Paul Mould
Publication date 2000
Media type Paperback
Pages 205
ISBN 0952870835

Centennial Anthology was published in 2000 to mark the centenary of the Old Bostonian Association, which was founded on 20th April 1900 at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet Street, London. 28 old boys of Boston Grammar School contributed poems, short stories, anecdotes and memories of teachers, fellow-pupils, air cadets, sports and debates. The history of Boston Grammar School was detailed in the accounts of progress made during the times of each headmaster. The book was edited by Paul Mould.


  • Page 101, Frank Harrison Hill's mother Betsy is the sister of Pishey Thompson, not his daughter.
  • Page 104, Robert John Reynolds died in Q1 1942 aged 84, not in 1992 aged 35.
  • Page 104, Cameron Quilter Knowles is assumed to have been curate of Milverton in Somerset 1906 to 1918 since Milveston, Somerset does not appear to exist.
  • Page 104, Cameron Quilter Knowles's father, John Mason Knowles, was living in Southwold, Suffolk when he died on 6 May 1895. It is not known whether he ever lived in Wimbledon as stated.
  • Page 104, Harry Whilton Palmer. There is no evidence that he lived in Yorkshire never mind was master at Pocklington School. It seems he lived in Lincoln and was involved in insurance and later with the Farmers' Union at both national and Lincolnshire level.
  • Page 117, Stanley R Meeds is not a holder of the BEM.

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