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Derek Frank Shepherd
Died March 1999 (aged 88)
Georgians Nursing Home, Boston
Education Boston Grammar School
Occupation Teacher
Employer Family menswear business; BBC; RAF; Kitwood Girls' School
Spouse Enid
Children Helen, Frances
Relatives Jessica, Miriam and Nathan (grandchildren)

Derek Frank Shepherd was educated at Boston Grammar School.


From the August 1999 issue of The Old Bostonian

Derek died in March at The Georgians Nursing Home. He was 88.

He lived in Boston all his life. When he left BGS he joined the family Menswear business in the Market Place.

In the 30's he was appointed to the BBC Programming Department. Came the war and he served in the RAF from 1940 to 1944, mostly in South Africa.

In 1960 he left the business world and turned to a career in music and qualified by achieving his LRAM. He taught music at Kitwood Girls School, Boston until 1977 when he retired.

He was a founder member of the Holland Rural Music School becoming Secretary and later director.

He taught music appreciation classes for the University of Nottingham and the WEA for many years. He wrote for various musical journals and also conducted or accompanied a range of choral societies and groups.

He enjoyed reading and sketching but his life revolved around music.

He leaves his wife Enid, daughters Helen and Frances and grandchildren Jessica, Miriam and Nathan.