Desmond Kempson

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Desmond John Kempson

Desmond Kempson
Nicknames Odd Bod, Disco Des
Born 1927 (age 94–95)
Walsall, West Midlands
Education St Paul's College Cheltenham (c1952); London (BSc 1967)
Roles Head of Science
Years at BGS 1973-c1987
Departments Science
Subjects Physics
Notable work(s) Astronomical Society, Physics and Engineering Films, Radio and Electronics Society
Spouse Janet W Done
Children Alison; S Kempson

Desmond John Kempson was a teacher of Physics at Boston Grammar School (1973-c1987).

He served in the army in India. Before arriving at BGS he had spent ten years at Louth Grammar School followed by four years in the Head of Science post at Chipping Camden Comprehensive School. He took up the new role of Head of Science at BGS.

Minor Disasters

The following catalogue of disasters in Desmond Kempson's Physics classes was supplied by Pat Everitt.

  • while demonstrating centripetal force with a bucket of water, the handle broke;
  • while demonstrating how friction generates heat by running Andrew Elsom up and down the bench, the subject's head became impaled on a gas tap;
  • someone dropped the glass bottled Radon generator, smashing it and causing radio-active powder to go everywhere. The laboratory was evacuated;
  • Mr Kempson touched the Van de Graaff generator to prove how quickly it lost its charge, but not on this occasion;
  • someone dropped a bottle of mercury which vanished into the floor and appeared a bit later in the chemistry labs via the ceiling. The laboratory was evacuated;
  • while electroplating items with copper sulphate someone used a (mainly magnesium) pencil sharpener, thus causing a chemical reaction that quickly filled the entire laboratory with hydrogen. The laboratory was evacuated.

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