Don Evison

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Don Evison

Don Evison
Died 2 December 1997
Cause of death Leukaemia
Education Boston Grammar School
Employer LNER, LMS
Spouse Pauline
Relatives Pam (sister)

Don Evison was educated at Boston Grammar School.


From the February 1998 issue of The Old Bostonian

Don was at BGS in the 1940s, taking his school certificate in 1944.

He died on 2nd December 1997, after a 4-year battle against leukaemia.

When he left BGS, he went into the offices of the LNER at Sleaford. He spent all his working life ‘on the railway’. Not surprisingly, he moved around a lot, gaining promotions as he went. From Sleaford to Peterborough, then switching lines to the LMS and London Euston and eventually he was on the Midlands Board, at Marylebone.

For 23 years, he lived in Bedford and commuted to London, returning to Boston in 1990 following early retirement.

He was interested in all sports and enjoyed TV. He was a dedicated trout fisherman and also enjoyed gardening.

He is survived by his wife, Pauline, who lives in Pilley's Lane and by his sister, Pam, who lives in Spain.