Evil Scarecrow

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Evil Scarecrow

Evil Scarecrow
Background information
Years active 2002-present
Associated acts Matt Burton had previously been in Thor's Children
Website http://www.evilscarecrow.co.uk/
Matt Burton (Dr Hell - lead vocals, guitar), other non-BGS members: "Kraven Morrdeth" (backing vocals, bass), Jordan Spencer (Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist - drums)
Past members
Gareth Carroll (keyboards, later bass and then drums), Dylan Hollick (bass), Jeff Stanney (drums), Dick Platt (Brother Pain - guitar), "Princess Luxury" (keyboard, samples)

Evil Scarecrow is a parody black metal band.

Official band biography

Many years ago in a desolate Lincolnshire town, a band of dubiously termed musicians of Nordic heraldry with a fondness for sticky back plastic decided to go their separate ways, but as a phoenix rises from the ashes a new, and perhaps even more glorious band, emerged from the dying embers of Thor’s Children (widely regarded as the greatest Blue Peter Metal band of all time) and thus Evil Scarecrow triumphantly exploded into existence.

With accolades across the Rock and Metal press for their latest studio releases and their live shows Evil Scarecrow have steadily become one of the UK’s stand out Heavy Metal acts of the last few years.

"Evil Scarecrow...find themselves on the brink of being a genuinely significant concern on the British scene...." Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer

Evil Scarecrow’s unique live show has pulled capacity crowds at both festivals and during their Live Nation UK tours. From their EPIC performance at Bloodstock Festival 2014 with upwards of 10,000 people at 11am, the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards VIP party on the Thames, the rammed-to-capacity 3rd stage of Download Festival 2015 to their own sell out shows (including the legendary London Underworld) on their 2017 tour of UK and Ireland.

"We had the most people in the history of Bloodstock get up early especially to see Scarecrow play! If that isn’t a testimonial to how incredible this band is I don’t know what is! Stunning live band..." Vicky Hungerford, Bloodstock Open Air

The band has featured in Terrorizer's best unsigned band readers' poll, was nominated for Metal Hammer Golden God's "Best Video" (2015 for "Space Dementia"), and has won TBFM awards for "Best British Band", "Best Drummer", "Best Album" and "Best Live show". The fans also stepped up for each Pledge Campaign the band have run, funding both a live DVD and the 3rd album "Galactic Hunt" in a matter of days from launch. Along with national and international radio airplay Evil Scarecrow have 3 videos on rotation on Scuzz TV.

The band released their critically acclaimed 3rd album 'Galactic Hunt' in October 2014, produced by the legendary Russ Russell, which topped out at number 2 in the Amazon UK Rock and Metal charts.

"There's doom, groove, thrash and mad spiralling prog, all served with a demented, mad scientist grin. And if nothing else, you have to love what cunning linguists Evil Scarecrow are for that album title" KKKK, Kerrang! Magazine

Writing for the (as yet unnamed) new album has begun with the release of the single "Hurricanado" in mid 2016. Along with a "rotating video" that was shot in a single take which received over 100k views on Facebook within the 1st week of its release.

The band shows no signs of slowing down their gigging schedule. With major booking agents E.G.O now throwing their weight behind the band & following their triumphant appearance at Download 2015 and Bloodstock main stage 2016, Evil Scarecrow will be bringing their phenomenal stage show to Europe in 2017 which should see their reach growing bigger by the show. When they’re invading a stage near you, it's not to be missed and hang on to your hats because these guys are just getting bigger!!

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