Frederick William Waldebrand Pattenden

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Frederick William Waldebrand Pattenden
FWW Pattenden with a handlebar moustache, wearing a blazer
FWW Pattenden from an on-line copy of Verses by FWW Pattenden
Born 22 August 1857(1857-08-22)
Died 9 December 1889(1889-12-09) (aged 32)
Resting place Chertsey
Education Boston Grammar School (1863-1876); New College, Oxford
Occupation Barrister, literary reviewer, poet
Parents George Edwin Pattenden
Relatives Clara Louisa, Rosalie Ellen, Ada Mary (sisters)

Frederick William Waldebrand Pattenden, M.A. the youngest son of the Rev. George Edwin Pattenden, LL.D., Canon of Lincoln, and Vicar of Chertsey, Surrey (after leaving Boston Grammar School where he was Headmaster from 1850 to 1887), was born on the 22nd August, 1857, He was educated at the Grammar School, Boston Lincolnshire, entering the school when not quite six years of age, on the 10th August, 1863 and remaining there until August 1876. He was the first winner of the Parry Gold Medal in 1875. In the following October he proceeded to New College, Oxford, having gained an Open Classical Scholarship at that college in the summer of 1876. He obtained College prizes in 1877 and 1880, and was Proxime accessit for the Hertford University Scholarship in 1877, and third for the same scholarship in 1878. In the Michaelmas Term 1877 he was placed in the First Class in Classical Moderations; and in Trinity Term 1880 he was placed in the Second Class in Literis Humanioribus. He thereupon took his degree of B.A. On the 19th June, 1884 he took the degree of M.A.

From his youth he was a lover of all athletic games and exercises; both at School and College he made his mark therein. He was for two years Captain of New College Boat Club, and was selected to row in the University ‘Trial Eights’.

While at the University he entered as a student at the Inner Temple and was called to the Bar on the 24th June, (Trinity Term) 1884. Shortly after leaving the University he took an extended tour round the World as tutor to Mr. Leonard Marshall, visiting first several European countries and afterwards visiting Egypt, Palestine, India, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand the Sandwich Islands, the USA and Canada — the whole tour lasting about two years. On his return he was called to the bar and devoted himself to work as a barrister and to literature. He was employed on the staff of the Literary World as a reviewer, and contributed verse compositions to various periodicals.

He died on the morning of Monday the 9th of December, 1889 from typhoid fever in his thirty-third year and was buried at Chertsey.

His early death was a tragedy for he was on the threshold of a distinguished career at the Bar. He was immensely popular wherever he went and could truthfully be described as ‘the life and soul of the party’.

On 14 February 2016, the Old Bostonian Association purchased a copy of "Verses by FWW Pattenden" for the OBA mini-museum.


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