George Ward Border

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George Ward Border

George Ward Border (1947)
Nicknames Binky
Education Lincoln Grammar School; MA, Christ Church, Oxford
Roles Deputy Head from 1929
Years at BGS 1921-1949 (military service 1939-1941)
Departments Mathematics
Subjects Mathematics

George Ward Border was a teacher of Mathematics at Boston Grammar School.

George Border was educated at Lincoln Grammar School where he served as Head Boy. He went on to gain an MA at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was cox for the Head of the River crew.

Border was a Major in the First World War and saw Army service in France. Between the wars he was an officer in the Territorial Army and was recalled to the Lincolnshire Regiment in 1939, serving with the Army Education Corps. He returned to BGS in 1941.


Paul Mould Centennial Anthology

I admired him greatly, for he was able to control a class without using any force and never resorted to sarcasm. One occasion especially illustrates his method of putting a point across with the utmost effect but with the least fuss. 'Froggy' Howse, the veteran French teacher, was walking laboriously along the corridor, for he had trouble with his legs and could not hurry. Some first-formers were walking behind and mocking him. 'Binky' came up quietly behind them and made them look even smaller than they were. He told them that the man they chose to ridicule was an Amateur International and in his younger days had played centre forward for England.

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