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The OBA Wiki subscribes to the MediaWiki and Wikipedia principle of "be bold", meaning that you should feel free to edit or create any article which you genuinely believe to be relevant to the wiki. Nevertheless, we will deal appropriately with any user account created for the sole purpose of posting only irrelevant information.

Legitimate subscribers of the wiki have nothing to fear. If you start by making uncontroversial edits on the Wiki, or by setting up your "User:" page to describe yourself and your connection with Boston Grammar School, you can later start to be a bit more edgy and controversial. Any inappropriate edits may still be questioned, or even reverted, but indefinite blocking is unlikely unless your behaviour is extreme.

In an attempt to reduce the quantity of spam a number of measures have been taken. For example, when creating an account, and in certain other circumstances you will be asked to complete a CAPTCHA. This shouldn't cause you too much inconvenience but if it does please let us know. You can contact us at