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This is the Old Bostonian Association Wiki. It is a place to find, record, share and discuss any topics related directly or indirectly to Boston Grammar School. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • Boston Grammar School past and present
  • Boston Grammar School staff, past and present
  • Boston Grammar School students, past and present
  • The Old Bostonian Association past and present
  • Topics relating to Boston where they are relevant to any of the above
  • Anything providing a link to the above can be justified

A bit more depth


If you are writing about living people, please be aware that they might be reading it. Do not libel anyone or even insult. By the nature of this site we might mention nicknames used to refer to someone, but that should be done in context and anything that is really offensive may be censored.

If you are writing about people who lived recently then be aware, as above, that their family may be reading it.

Topics related to Boston

Many topics relating to Boston, Lincolnshire can be considered relevant, and they can't all be listed here. Here are some examples:

  • Local haunts of past or present BGS students (cafés, pubs, street corners, etc.)
  • Activities common to many past or present BGS students (football, dances, bands, skating, etc.)


Many world places, people and events have some connection to Boston Grammar School, however tenuous. Let's restrict ourselves to things which have a real connection to one of the main topics listed above. Keep the detail in proportion to the degree of connection. For example:

  • A work of literature, art or film in which a former student was involved (we have authors, artists, directors, producers, camera operators, etc. in our midst)
  • A general topic with a connection to BGS (e.g. Boston Latin School was to some extent modelled on BGS)

Some things that aren't relevant

Any article predominantly in any language other than English will be removed from the Wiki, whatever the content. We have nothing against foreign languages, classical languages or even imaginary languages it's just that this Wiki is an English language resource. Some articles will contain sections in other languages, perhaps as quotes or examples. Any such sections should usually include an English translation or equivalent, e.g. the article on Floreat Bostona (music).