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The Hill Classics Prize was named in honour of Arthur Hill, who taught Classics at BGS for 42 years from 1887-1929.

It was first awarded in 1950 and last awarded in 1998. The retirement of Ron Abbott in 1999 marked the end of the teaching of Latin at Boston Grammar School.

Year Winner
1950 P M Kitchen
1951 A J Tilling
1952 Peter Edward Luff
1953 John Henry Malcolm Fox
1954 B Clayton
1955 John Henry Malcolm Fox
1956 A R Thompson
1957 D Jones / R Stanwell
1958 D Jones / R Stanwell
1959 D Marlow / R J H Lorimer
1960 W H Lakin
1961 G S Molsam
1962 F Cammack
1963 Not awarded
1964 Not awarded
1965 S Fielding
1966 S Fielding
1967 J P Lowery
1968 P R Betts
1975 M A Himsworth
1976 P Smith
1983 A C King
1998 Ian Thomas Brocklehurst

Predecessor awards for Classics

Year Winner
1900 Prize Charles S Phillips, Hon Mention Walter Joseph Tombleson Small

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