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James "Jim" Graves

James Graves
Born 11 November 1959(1959-11-11)
Died October 2012 (aged 52)
Other names Jim Felix, Zyra
Education Boston Grammar School (1971-1978); The University of Manchester (Computer Science 1982)

James "Jim" Graves (11 November 1959 - October 2012) also known as Jim Felix and Zyra was educated at Boston Grammar School (1971-1978).


Based on an obituary by Mark Dunn

At school Jim was known as Professor because of his ability to speak in a knowledgeable manner on many topics.

After gaining a degree in Computer Science from the University of Manchester in 1982, Jim returned to Boston in the early 1980s and opened Felix Computers, one of Boston's first computer shops. He went on to run a number of computer-related businesses in Boston before making his fortune with the Zyra web site. The mechanism for monetising Zyra used affiliate marketing.

Early in 2012, Jim emigrated to Panama as a tax exile. A self-confessed hoarder, Jim took 38 tonnes of baggage with him to Panama.

Jim was diabetic and had been diagnosed as having Schizophreniform Psychosis in a setting of Schizoid Personality Disorder.

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