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James Oliver Loader
Born 1947 (age 72–73)
Education Portsmouth Grammar School; Magdalen College, Oxford (MA 1969)
Years at BGS 1972-1979
Departments English, Classics, Modern Languages
Subjects English, Classical Foundations, Russian

James Oliver Loader was a teacher of English, Classical Foundations and Russian at Boston Grammar School.


James Loader studied English at Magdalen College, Oxford. After graduating he lectured in English at Sagar University, M.P., India, following which he taught English at various schools in England. After leaving BGS he was Head of the English Department at St Olave's Grammar School, Orpington for 16 years . He was employed as a copy editor and occasional writer at the London office of Time Magazine for seven years. He was literary editor of Zembla magazine, and copy editor of Foto8 magazine. He has worked as a freelance editor for publishers including David & Charles, Oxford University Press and the Gulbenkian Foundation. He edited a collection of short stories, Cold Comfort[1] (Serpent's Tail, 1996), and co-edited the poetry anthology Generations[2] (Penguin, 1988). He is the author of Channel Hopping, a Guide to France[3] (Channel 4, 1998).


(An article by S Handbury (4G) from the 1976 issue of Bostonian)

The Loader (Intellectualus Teacherus Loaderius)

The Loader lives in a strange house like a flat. It wears clothes of the very best, cast off material. It has a strange cry which is very distinct, it goes: "Naah Shattup".

It likes to play the piano and often likes to creep into a school play. During the day it goes around with other members of its society, but often goes into crowded rooms with small humans in them. It gets mad with these humans very easily.

During the mating season it grows a moustache. The physiognomy is very peculiar with bristles around its chin. One of these Loaders has been born in captivity. It is a very clean animal which washes every morning.

It has a strange way of eating. It sits around looking at its food, then it will suddenly eat it all at once. It likes to exercise its legs and when it sits on a table its legs start swinging.

According to Steve Parker:

James Loader used Paul Simon lyrics in his English lessons, and taught me Classical History in my first year, which was the only year I could take it. I went on holiday to, I think, Yugoslavia in 1976, and who should be stopping in the same hotel?

After BGS

Taught at St Olave's Grammar School, Orpington, Kent. Retired from teaching through ill health in 1995. Did freelance writing and editing including for Time Magazine, ei8ht, foto8 and Zembla before returning part-time to the teaching of English at Russell House School, Otford.

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