Lower VI Geography Field Trip 1984 (Malham Tarn)

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This trip was not a regular A-level geography field trip, which was for those in the Upper VI. This was a special event funded by students in the year above who won a national geography quiz, the prize for which was a five-day residential trip at Malham House field centre for up to 15 students. The participants just had to pay for the return rail fares from Boston to Malham (near Skipton). They left on a Friday morning, with volunteer parents ferrying them from Boston Grammar School to the railway station mid-morning (they had to attend school for the first lesson, which was double geography!). They arrived at the station about 20 minutes before the train was due, so some of them ran down to Hillards to get liquid supplies for the train! Pete Swift was nearly caught doing so by his mother as she went straight from dropping some of them off at the station to Hillards to do her weekly Friday morning shop!

Photo 1

Lower VI Geography Field Trip 1984 (Malham Tarn)

Photograph supplied by Pete Swift.

Back Row

Paul Townshend, Ian Desforges, Nigel Truepenny, Mark Thornton, Adam Mullen, Paul Dennick


Steve Berry


Alan Bolland, Mike Siddaway, Richard Cammack, Shane Wakefield ? (top of head visible)

Photo 2

Lower VI Geography Field Trip 1984 (Malham Tarn)

Photograph supplied by Pete Swift.


Nigel Truepenny, Mark Thornton, Mark Leatherland, Adam Mullen, Steve Berry (carried), Paul Dennick


Mark Hopkins, Shane Wakefield, Alan Bolland, Richard Cammack, Pete Swift