Luke Anderson

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Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson (Photo: Simon Meeds)
Education Boston Grammar School
Roles Head of Y8 (2019-Present)
Years at BGS 1998-2005 (student); 2018-Present (staff)
Departments Modern Languages
Subjects French; German
Parents Duncan Anderson

Luke Anderson was educated at Boston Grammar School (1998-2005) and is a teacher of Modern Languages (French and German) at the school (2018-present).

In a Facebook discussion Luke spoke of his experiences as both student and staff member in relation to the school Quadrangle, bisected as it has been since the late 1980s by the Link Block:'s my privilege to teach there now, also being an old boy of 98-05 vintage. When I was there, we were allowed to use the quad nearest the library but never the "decorative" quad with the diagonals. We did a whole-school 8-mile walk in 2000 or 2001 to raise money to buy, among other things, the trees and benches adorning them today. The boys are no longer permitted entrance to the "plain" quad. Not sure why. And I am still to set foot in the "posh" quad!

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