Mark Pickwell

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Mark Pickwell
Died 1996 (aged 21)
Education Boston Grammar School (1980s-1990s)
Occupation Joiner
Employer Langworth Builders

Mark Pickwell was educated at Boston Grammar School (1980s-1990s).


From the February 1997 issue of The Old Bostonian

21 year old Mark died from severe abdominal injuries sustained when he was thrown from his White Vauxhall Nova when it crashed on a bend of the A52 near the Freiston turnoff when travelling towards Boston.

James Broome, a friend of Mark's, was a passenger in the car at the time. HE informed the inquest that suddenly, in the darkness, they both noticed a set of lights being switched on in a nearby yard. James said "We both looked across until Mark realised he had travelled too close to the verge. He tried to correct the car and although he turned into the skid we came back the other way and it started to tip over. The car then rolled over several times. The bend was so slight I do not have a clue as to why we started to slide".

When the car came to a stop James saw that Mark was not there. He climbed through the window and found Mark lying at the side of the road. Mark was conscious and was eventually taken to hospital by ambulance and died soon after.

Since leaving BGS Mark had been employed as a joiner by Langworth Builders.