Michael Foster

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Michael C Foster

Mike Foster
Born c1922
Died 27 February 2000 (aged 78)
Education Boston Grammar School (?-1941); Unversity of Oxford
Occupation Bomber Pilot; Teacher
Employer Royal Air Force; Farnham Grammar School;
Spouse Ann
Children Two sons and two daughters
Relatives Five grandchildren at time of death

Michael "Mike" C Foster was educated at Boston Grammar School (?-1941).


From the August 2000 issue of The Old Bostonian, based in part on an obituary in the "Farnham Herald"

Mike died on 27th February after several years of poor health, aged 78. He was born in Kirton and lived there until he left BGS in 1941. From school he joined the RAF. The war was on and he was sent to Canada to train as a bomber pilot. Back in the UK he flew over 30 missions over enemy territory. On one mission his Halifax bomber was hit and on fire and he managed to urge it back to base. For this he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

When he was demobbed he went up to Oxford in 1946 to read English. In 1949 he joined the teaching staff at Farnham Grammar School (later Farmham VIth Form College). In his early years there he set up the modern school library and with limited funds visited Foyles in London to purchase books.

At the school he was greatly loved and respected for his enthusiastic teaching of literature and his addiction to sport. He introduced play reading at the school and he asked Dorothy lnman, Head of the Girls Grammar if she would allow some of the girls to take part. HE WAS REFUSED HIS REQUEST!

For many years he was editor of the school magazine The Farnhamian. He retired in 1982 and filled his time with amateur journalism, photography and travel. A few years ago he suffered a stroke but still took a daily walk and was always in good spirits.

He leaves his wife of 47 years (Ann), 2 sons, 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren.