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The Old Bostonian Association is the alumni group of Boston Grammar School, Boston, Lincolnshire, England. The Association is open to former students of the school, and to current and former staff of the school.

The association and its members are often affectionately known as "The Old Boys" though this isn't strictly accurate: the school's first female teacher was either Mrs Gertrude Rachael Thompson who arrived in 1915 or possibly Charlotte Mary Kathleen Pearson whose date of arrival is not known (at least on this Wiki) but she left in 1918. Also, there have been female students on-and-off and in varying numbers since the 1950s. Girls now make up a significant proportion of the upper years of the school.

Objects of the association

  1. To promote union and good fellowship amongst the members;
  2. To provide a means whereby Former Students may co-operate with the Boston Grammar School Foundation, School Governors, the Teaching Staff and BGS support organisations in promoting the welfare of the School;
  3. To promote fellowship between Association and School through sporting events and social occasions.


The Old Bostonian Association has a diary of events which can be found on its web site[1]. The main event each year is the Annual Dinner, which takes place in the Spring. Like most of the OBA's events the dinner is open not only to members but also to those who qualify as members of the association but have not yet joined. Until recent years the dinner was a men-only event but it is now open to both sexes, and both members and qualifying non-members may bring one non-qualifying guest.


The Old Bostonian Association's newsletter, or magazine is The Old Bostonian.

History of the association

The Old Bostonian Association was founded as the Old Bostonian Club in 1900. Its first luncheon took place on 2 August 1900. The club was officially founded on 20 April 1900 when eighteen former students assembled at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet Street, London[2].

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