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Paul Frederick Mould

Paul Mould
Born 25 January 1934(1934-01-25)
Died 22 February 2013(2013-02-22) (aged 79)
Education Boston Grammar School (1944-50)
Occupation Publisher, Author
Employer Boston Guardian, self-employed
Spouse June (1956-2004, her death)
Parents Fred Mould
Relatives Jim Mould (brother), Audrey (sister), Barry Lawton, John Colam (brothers-in-law), Rachel Lawton (neice)

Paul Frederick Mould was educated at Boston Grammar School (1944-50) and started as a cub reporter at the Boston Guardian in 1950. He left to join the family bakers and grocers business, which closed in 1969 when the building of a new bridge led to the decline of the High Street in Boston. He became a travelling salesman, covering a radius of fifty miles around Boston until 1983, when he started dealing in printing machinery. He organized exports to India and Nigeria and acted as auctioneer at monthly auctions from 1988-1991. After going to hospital in a diabetic coma in 1994, he decided to write cinema reference books and became a publisher. He has written a sports column in the Boston Standard since 1978 and a nostalgia column in the Boston Target since 1994.


Paul Mould died suddenly at home on 22 February 2013 at the age of 79. Paul will be missed by the Old Bostonian Association, Boston Grammar School and the town of Boston as a whole.

Paul had represented Staniland South Ward on Boston Borough Council since 2011. He was a governor of BGS and fulfilled several roles in the Old Bostonian Association. A former President of the Association, at the time of his death, Paul was OBA Secretary, Membership Secretary and was responsible for the "mini-museum" at the school. He had also been a leading member of the recently disbanded Social Committee, and had organised the OBA Annual Dinner, Snooker Tournament and Quiz Night for several years.

Paul had a number of careers during his working life, most recently running his own publishing business: Paul Mould Publishing. This started off with the aim of publishing his own work in the areas of local history and the history of the film industry. His business expanded to take on works by over sixty authors, chiefly from the UK and USA. A recent coup was publishing "We All Fall Down: The True Story of the 9/11 Surfer", Pasquale Buzzelli's tale of being one of the few survivor's of the World Trade Center disaster. Paul was hopeful that this would be taken up by a Hollywood director.

Paul's publishing activities dovetailed well with his long-standing role as a columnist for both the Boston Standard and The Target, writing on the cinema, local history and sport.

Born on 25 January 1934, Paul's education started at Staniland School before gaining a Parry scholarship to Boston Grammar School. He had a brother, Jim, and sister, Audrey.

On leaving school in 1950, Paul became a cub reporter for the Boston Guardian but his journalistic career had to be abandoned when his services were required by his father's bakery business in High Street.

Paul married his wife, June on Boxing Day 1956. Paul and June went on to manage the shop but business eventually declined as footfall on High Street was reduced. Paul went through a number of other businesses before starting his publishing company in the early days of the 21st century. June died in 2004, aged 69.

Paul had a wide variety of interests, many reflected in his later business ventures. They included sport, in particular football, snooker and billiards, the cinema, and Boston local history. In the last ten years or so, Paul had been diagnosed with diabetes and had treatment for an enlarged prostate gland.


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  • (1997) "Mould's Movie Careers: Actresses" - Published by Paul Mould Publishing - ISBN 0952870819
  • (2000) "Centennial Anthology" - Published by Paul Mould Publishing - ISBN 0952870835
  • (2002) "Down Memory Lane: A Piecemeal History of Boston and the Surrounding Villages" - Published by Paul Mould Publishing - ISBN 0952870851
  • (2003) "Mould's Movie Careers: Directors" - Published by Paul Mould Publishing - ISBN 0887349439

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