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The Photographic Society was a club dedicated to the taking, processing and exhibiting of photographs.

In the 1968 issue of the Bostonian Magazine the report (written by P J Sedgwick) from what was then called The Photo Club indicated a crisis for the club and the opening of the new dark room behind the upstairs physics labs in the second Science Block. This dark room was still in use into the 1970s and possibly 1980s.

During the last school year, the Club has seen a great deal of change. Several members of the Society, which in recent years has never enjoyed as large a membership as might have been hoped for, left at the end of the 1967 summer term, and the running of the Photo Club fell into the hands of every member instead of those of a committee as before.

Because of the small number of boys who formed the Society, meetings have been extremely infrequent and poorly attended; an effort was made during the Autumn Term to re-establish regular film shows, but unfortunately, many of the film lectures owned by the Society are of a technical nature, and are not sufficiently interesting to outsiders to attract boys who know little or nothing about photography.

Later in the year, the new dark room at the back of the laboratories came into use and the facilities offered by it were generally agreed to be far superior to those of the old dark room, now a store room.

The Society gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Mr D J Carter without whom the reorganisation needed in the move to the laboratories would have proved much more difficult. In addition Mr Carter has been a great help in matters concerning the provision of chemicals and the making-up of photographic solutions. We would also like to thank Mr Franks for being a most helpful and considerate master-in-charge.

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