Ray Hensman

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Ray Hensman
Died 11 February 1999 (aged 87)
Education Boston Grammar School
Occupation Driver;
Employer Army; Royal Insurance Company
Spouse Joy
Children Judi; Otty

Ray Hensman was educated at Boston Grammar School.


From the August 1999 issue of The Old Bostonian

Sadly, Ray 87, and his wife Joy, died in February this year. Ray on 11th February and Joy six days later. They both had lived in Boston almost all of their lives and had been married for nearly 50 years. They resided in Lincoln for two years when Ray came out of the army. During the war he served as a driver and was taken prisoner at Tobruk in 1942.

Both were members of Boston Playgoers, indeed Ray was a founder member.

Ray worked for the Royal Insurance Company. He was a lifetime member of Toc H, a member of the Boston Arts and Crafts Society and a founder member of the Boston Probus Club.

Ray suffered a heart attack about 10 years ago and had not enjoyed good health since.

A joint funeral service was held at Holy Trinity Church conducted by the Rev Brian Osbourne.

Ray and Joy leave two daughters, Judi Mason and Otty Pocklington and four grandchildren.