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| occupation                = Quartermaster (RN); Doctor (GP); book retailer; book publisher
| occupation                = Quartermaster (RN); Doctor (GP); book retailer; book publisher
| years_active              =  
| years_active              =  
| employer                  = Royal Navy; Liqorpond Street Surgery (partner); Kay Books (owner); Richard Kay Publications (owner)
| employer                  = Royal Navy; Liquorpond Street Surgery (partner); Kay Books (owner); Richard Kay Publications (owner)
| organization              =  
| organization              =  
| agent                    =  
| agent                    =  

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Richard Kime Allday

Dr Richard Allday
Born 11 June 1925(1925-06-11)
Died 5 November 2015(2015-11-05) (aged 90)
Education Conway School; Boston Grammar School (1934-1938); Guy's Hospital, London
Occupation Quartermaster (RN); Doctor (GP); book retailer; book publisher
Employer Royal Navy; Liquorpond Street Surgery (partner); Kay Books (owner); Richard Kay Publications (owner)
Spouse Philippa
Children Becky
Dr Richard Kime Allday was educated at Boston Grammar School (1934-38).


Richard was born and bred in Boston. He attended Conway School and later Boston Grammar School, leaving there when the family moved away to Taunton, temporarily, due to the war. He began studying dentistry (following his father's profession) however broke his studies to 'join up'. He returned to education to study medicine at Guy's Hospital, London in 1947, where he met Philippa.

He was extremely proud of both Boston and Lincolnshire and served his home town and county with great distinction. He was a founder member of the Small Theatre Project and was instrumental in the founding of Blackfriars Theatre.

Richard was a highly respected and loved 'old-fashioned' GP, serving the people of Boston with dedication and commitment. He would, without hesitation, make home visits whenever called. We fondly remember him folding his six-foot plus frame into his little mini and setting off to visit another sick Bostonian in their home.

Military service

Richard served in the Royal Navy for three years from 1944 as quartermaster aboard HMS Barfleur, a destroyer. He saw service in Malta and in the Pacific theatre, visiting both Japan and Australia. Indeed, HMS Barfleur was anchored in the vicinity of both Nagasaki and Hiroshima and he recalled visiting Hiroshima on his 21st birthday, remembering climbing the only building still standing in what was left of the city.

The family

A loving father who always sought to provide the best for his children. Although strict and, at times, distant, he cared greatly for his children and grandchildren and was very proud of their achievements. They loved him deeply and the grandchildren fondly christened him ‘Growlie’. Sleaford Road became the extended family home.

The Stump

Richard worshipped faithfully at St Botolph’s Church for most of his life and even in his late eighties and in failing health would insist on booking a taxi to bring him each week to the 8am Communion Service. He was very proud of the beautiful church and of its history. He was a committed supporter of various restoration projects.

Books and publishing

Richard's love of books led him to write several titles, become a publisher and also a book shop owner. Richard Kay Publications began in 1970 when he wrote a booklet entitled ‘Manifesto for the Nation’. He approached several publishers in the hope of launching it before the General Election however, being turned away, he decided to publish it himself.

Soon after this a newly formed History of Boston Project was looking for a series of booklets about differing aspects of Boston to be published and they came to Richard for help in getting it off the ground. Over more than 40 years, Richard Kay Publications has added over 70 titles to Books in Print, all of which have some connection to Lincolnshire.

Richard and Philippa opened 'Kay Books' bookshop in South Street and ran it from 1975 to 1983, before selling it, ultimately becoming the bookshop within Oldrids department store.

Few people have served Boston and its people with greater distinction, and in recognition of this in 1994 Boston Council gave him an award acknowledging thirty-five years of service to the community. He will be greatly missed by the people of Boston, by his family, by Philippa and by all who were privileged to know him.