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Robert M Sheehan
Education Boston Grammar School (1950-57); Baliol, Oxford
Parents Dr Michael John Sheehan

Robert M Sheehan was educated at Boston Grammar School (1950-57). He won the Parry Gold Medal in 1956, and was Head Boy in the 1956-57 academic year. He also won the Arthur Hill Memorial Prize in 1956 and 1957.

Robert's father was Dr MJ Sheehan, a GP in one of the practices in Liquorpond Street, Boston. He went on to be a well known bridge player, being invited to play for England at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. He wrote the Times bridge column from 1994-1999.

Another famous bridge player, Zia Mahmood said in an interview with Marc Smith:

I received my first lesson in the ethics of the game many years ago, playing rubber bridge in London with Robert Sheehan. My RHO opened Three Hearts and I doubled for takeout. LHO passed and, after a noticeable pause, Robert bid Three Spades. When the hand was over, I discovered that Robert had a 4333 Yarborough. I asked him why he paused with such a bad hand when surely the Three Spade bid was clear, and he commented that an ethical player would take the same amount of time with a worthless hand as he would with a moderate one.

Robert has written several books on the subject of bridge, including:

  • (1997) "'Times' Book of Bridge" - Published by Batsford Ltd - ISBN 071348246X
  • (1998) "'Times' Book of Bridge 2" - Published by Batsford Ltd - ISBN 0713482982
  • (1999) "The Best of Game: The 'Country Life' Book of Bridge Revisited" - Published by Five Aces Books - ISBN 0953675211
  • (1999) "The Big Game: Rubber Bridge in a London Club" - Published by Five Aces Books - ISBN 0953675203

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