Second and Third Year Prize Winners c1965

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1 Nick Thompson2 Robert Carrington3 David J Thomas4 Geoff Chester5 ?6 Dennis Bell7 Chris Farthing8 Robert Fabian9 ?10 ?11 ?12 ?13 Colin Bland14 Brian Fisher15 Richard Boothby16 Bray17 Nic Richardson18 Kenneth Wood19 Nicholas Kusznir20 Nigel Watts21 Andrew Pickering22 Keith Day23 Wright24 Mick Gosling25 Phil Cowan26 ?27 Hedley Adkins28 John Wilford29 Matthew V R Stainer30 Clarkson31 Mick Thorpe32 Ian Bray33 Ellis34 Paul Simpson35 Dean Baines36 Paul BurnetSecond and Third Year Prize Winners c1965
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This photograph was provided by Matthew V R Stainer.

More Information

This photograph is of prize winners from the second and third years at Boston Grammar School, probably in 1965. The photograph was taken some time after Speech Day. Some students are shown in their CCF uniform, worn throughout the day of the week when CCF took place. The students are posed in front of one of the World War II air raid shelters which were between the school and the playing field. The shelters were demolished in the 1960s to make way for portable classrooms.

Kenneth Wood believes the prizes were presented that year by Leonard Cheshire.

Leonard Cheshire asked me if I wanted to be Prime Minister. I was so nervous I said "yes" and, in his recap of the presentation, he said there was a young man who he had given a prize to who wanted to achieve the highest political office. I slowly sank down in my chair!

I've now retired after 35 years of teaching and have now become a published author, writing two books on the Great War so although I never made PM I do feel that I did make a difference, even if it was only telling a young David Beckham not to be a footballer!

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