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The swimming pool was built in 1964 at a cost of over £8,000, on land purchased from a Mr. S.T.Belton. It was officially opened in 1965 by the mayor of Boston Geoff Moulder, an alumnus of BGS who later became chairman of the school governors.

The pool was 66 ft long, 30 ft wide, open-air, and unheated. It was situated adjacent to the first science block, close to the south end of the library.

During the CCF's annual inspection of May 1968 the RAF Section laid on a display using its own inflatable dinghies in the swimming pool. This mirrored a display provided by the Royal Naval Section on the Witham above the Sluice which most spectators at the event were unable to witness.[1]

It remained in active use until around 1981, at which point the operating costs of the pool were found to be prohibitively expensive.

In subsequent years the pool was filled in, and in the early 1990s the land was occupied by a dedicated Sixth Form Block.

Since the closure of the school pool, swimming lessons at BGS have been conducted at the nearby public Geoff Moulder Leisure Pool on Rowley Road. This leisure centre opened in 1989 on the site of the previous public open air swimming pools, and was named after the same Geoff Moulder who opened the original pool at BGS.

Boston High School swimming pool

A pool of identical specification was built and opened at Boston High School (BHS) in the same year: 1965. This is thought to have been used until the 1990s.

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