The Kodas

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The Kodas
Background information
Years active c1963
Past members
Johnny Brocklesby, Mick Garwell, Pete Heard, Ivan Martin, Alan Farr (drums), June Brammer, Roy Manning

The Kodas was a band which existed around 1963. It included Boston Grammar School students Pete Heard and Alan Farr.

Roy Manning took over from Mick Garwell and Norman ? took over from Alan Farr. With this later line-up, the band made a demo recording at the London Cavern and played at The Gliderdrome in Boston. The A-side of the demo was written by someone from the London agency and was entitled 'To Love You'. The B-side was 'The point of no return' which was also recorded by Georgie Fame and others. The A-side was written as a ballad but The Kodas were told to "do their own thing" with it, so they did a faster version of the song.