Timeline of Buildings

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Key dates

The following table sets out the years in which constituent school buildings were opened. An asterisk (*) denotes a building that has either been demolished, or which is no longer used by the school.

Year of opening Building
1567/8 Big School
1827 Number One South End* (no longer used by the school)
1850 North end lobby of Big School
1856 South end classroom of Big School
1866 North end classroom of Big School
1871 Number One South End extended to accommodate more boarders
First Fives Court* (demolished in 1904)
1904 First science block
Second Fives Court* (demolished around 2000)
1926 Main Quadrangle Block
1938 Sports Field
1939 Air Raid Shelters* (demolished in 1958 and 1968)
1949 First Dining Hall* (demolished in 1984)
1953 Ormiston House, 27 Rowley Road* (sold in 1980)
1958 Assembly Hall
Second science block* (demolished in 2002)
1960 Pavilion
Staff Room
1965 Swimming pool* (in use until 1981)
1966 Junior Common Room
1968 Mobiles* (all removed by 2003)
1976 Sports Hall
1984 Second Dining Hall
1985 Design and Technology Block
1988 Link Block
1993 Sixth Form Block
1997 Art and Music Block
2002 Third science block

Aerial views and plans

2019 aerial flyover

Approximate plans of the school through history

Road names are included for the purpose of recognition and may not have remained unchanged throughout the history of the school.

6B - Sixth Form Block
AH - Assembly Hall
AM - Art and Music Block
AR - Air Raid Shelters
BS - Big School
D1 - First Dining Hall
D2 - Second Dining Hall
DT - Design and Technology Block
F1 - First Fives Court (approximate location)
F2 - Second Fives Court
JC - Junior Common Room (JCR)
LB - Link Block
MO - Mobiles
MY - Mart Yard
NC - Lobby and later North end classroom of Big School
PV - Pavilion
Q - Quadrangle
S1 - First science block
S2 - Second science block
S3 - Third science block
SC - South end classroom of Big School
SE - Number One South End
SH - Sports Hall
SP - Swimming pool
SR - Staff Room

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