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The following table sets out the years in which school prizes were first awarded at Speech Day (now called 'Prize Giving'). An asterisk (*) denotes a prize that is no longer awarded.

For some prizes there is not complete certainty over when they were first presented, and in those cases a broader time window has been approximated, based on the information available.

Year first awarded Name of Prize
1875 Parry Gold Medal
1910s Frank Harrison Hill Exhibition
1933 Ogle Divinity Prize
1944 Dennis Commonwealth Prize
1945 Art Prize
1950 Hill Classics Prize*
Scorer Local Knowledge
1951 OBA Cricket Prize
1955 Fourth Centenary Memorial Prize*
1956 Arthur Hill Memorial Prize
1962 Arthur Watson Grocock Memorial Prize*
Dickson Science Prize
1965 Harmstone Reading Prize*
Harmstone Natural History Prize*
1970 Holderness Award*
Tynwald Cup
1972 Parry Prize*
Early 1970s Lockwood Memorial Prize
Cheer's Football Prize
Morley Victor Ludorum
Late 1970s /
early 1980s
Gratton Mathematics Prize
Neal Robinson Science Award
Parkinson Modern Languages Prize
R Goodman Trophy
1983 C L Farrow Bequest
Late 1980s Cawthorne-Spikings English Exhibition
Bernard Moulder Memorial Prize
George Bagley Prize
1990s Ashberry Prize
Birkett Prize for Modern Languages*
Head of School Prize
Deputy Head of School Prize
2002 Medlock Scholarship
Early 2010s Sills and Betteridge Prize
2012 European Relations Travel Prize
Principal's Prize
2013 Durham Castle Scholarship
Stanley Scholarship
Trevor Page Sports Prize
2014 Anderson Prize for German
N W Wainwright Award
2016 Jim Howes Memorial Cup
2010s Ogden Physics Prize

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