Wilfred Young

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Wilfred Young
Born Butterwick
Died c1980 (aged 61)
Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon
Education Butterwick School; Boston Grammar School (1930s)
Employer Lloyds Bank
Parents Walter Hurling Young
Relatives Mrs Greenfield (sister)

Wilfred Young was educated at Boston Grammar School (1930s).


From the August 1998 issue of The Old Bostonian

Wilfred was at Boston Grammar School in the 1930s and died some 18 years ago. Derek Fox (44-49) noticed Wilfred's name in the last newsletter (in the 1935 exam results) and was prompted to provide us with an interesting account of Wilfred’s life:

Although Wilfred would have been some 14 years older than me we had much in common.

Our paths crossed when we found ourselves colleagues in the Spilsby branch of Lloyds Bank. We discovered that we were both born in Butterwick, attended school there and later the Grammar School, where, somewhat of a surprise this, we were taught by many of the same teachers.

Over the months Wilf told of his travels in the service of the bank (Bicester was one branch he had worked in - there were many others), of his war time service and of course we reminisced about halcyon days at Boston Grammar School. Wilf delighted in telling the tale of his choice of banking as a career. He was due to leave school, when Binky Border (maths teacher) took him to one side and advised him to apply for a position in Lloyds Bank. Binky arranged an appointment for him, wrote a suitable reference for him and made sure Wilf went along on the day, An inspired choice.

A life long bachelor Wilf was the only son of Walter Hurling, master carpenter in Burterwick in the 30s until the 61k Wilf's only sister became Mrs Greenfield who was highly regarded in Boston teaching circles.

During his youth Wilf was in great demand as a skilled halfback/inside forward in the Boston Football League.

During war time service in the army Wilf served in the Middle East in the same unit as Alan "Sam" Newsom (later Director of Education). It may have been 'Cloak and Dagger' stuff because Wilf was proud of the fact that they were required to wear plain clothes at all times.

Wilf died about 1980, aged 61 years. He had retired from the Bank one short year previously.