William Greenwood

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William Eric Greenwood
Died 3 September 1975 (aged 67)
Education Boston Grammar School
Occupation Headmaster
Employer Boston Park County Junior School

William Eric Greenwood was educated at Boston Grammar School.

Wartime service

A book, The Last Ditch by David Lampe[1], told the story of preparations made in the dark days of Dunkirk for fighting an underground war in the event of Britain being occupied by the Germans.

All over Lincolnshire, as along the whole east and south coasts, secret bases were established in ‘safe’ houses, derelict buildings and – more often – specially built and ingeniously camouflaged underground chambers in the countryside.

Lincolnshire had 181 men, split into 31 sector ‘patrols’ under nine group commanders.

Mr W. E. Greenwood, who in 1968 was headmaster at Park County Junior School, saw his home in Butterwick serve as a storage place for weapons and explosives.

“My wife was always very uncomfortably aware of the explosives stored under the stairs whenever the air-raid siren sounded,” he said.[2]

William Greenwood was a member of an Auxiliary Unit.


From the 1976 issue of The Bostonian

Death was reported 3 September 1975, aged 67, awarded MBE in 1961 for his work among young people. Retired from headmastership of Boston Park County Junior School in 1973, was Principal of Boston and District Technical and Evening College from 1951 until opening of new Technical College. Local JP.