2020 Quiz night report

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2020 Quiz night report

The quiz night was held at the Boston & County Club under the spectre of the Corvid-19 virus. Richard Anderson (BGS staff 1971-2014) was the quiz master for the evening as ever. Scorer was Harry H, a senior member of the BGS quiz club with timekeeping for the buzzer and light round being Jack, also of the BGS quiz club.

Ten teams took part and the scores after the main part of the competition were:

1Quasimodo and the Repulsions63
2Urban Bunny 56
3Quizonavirus 56
4 Jason and the Camonauts 54
5The Quizzards of Oz 50
65 Bells 448
7The Rag Tag Bunch 43
8 Baudaheros 39
9 Lollipop 37
10 Foundations 29

This led to the groundbreaking situation of a sudden death tie breaker to separate Urban Bunny and Quizonavirus, putting one of them through to the buzzer and light round against leaders Quasimodo and the Repulsions. The first question however proved controversial and may have had multiple valid answers, so a second question was asked and favourites (based on past form), Urban Bunny went through.

In the buzzer and light round, Urban Bunny took Richard Cammack from Jason and the Camonauts to make a team of three suitable for a four person game, while Quasimodo and the Repulsions shed a few members for the purpose.

This tense match ended with:
Urban Bunny: 47
Quasimodo and the Repulsions: 15

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