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Boston Grammar School staff

Everyone who attended Boston Grammar School will have memories of the teachers who taught them and we have details of many of them, at least up to the mid-1980s, together with information on some later members of staff. The place to find this information, and anything about the history of the school is in the OBA wiki.

The reason for the later gaps, or rather the reason for such comprehensive earlier coverage, is that in 1985 the Old Bostonian Association published a history of the school called Floreat Bostona and written by BGS old boy, George Bagley. A lot of the basic information in the wiki derives from this book.

Our records go right back to Walter Woodroffe who was headmaster between 1567 and 1584. If you find your more recent teachers missing or you have more information about some of them, then please let us know.

There are a couple of ways of searching for teachers in the wiki apart from putting a teacher’s name directly in the search box. In order to look for teachers chronologically, I would suggest using the Boston Grammar School Staff page of the wiki.

If you want instead to browse teachers alphabetically, try the wiki’s Staff category.


My father, LT Waddams, headmaster 1945-54 retired in 1971 as stated but then went to help an old friend with secondary education at St Andrew’s School Nuku’alofa, Tonga NOT Kenya.
It would be nice to see this corrected.

Were you one of the Waddams daughters who went to St Botolph’s School?

James M. Greenfield,
St Botolph’s and BGS

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