OBA committee meeting – unofficial report

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OBA committee meeting – unofficial report

Last night there was a meeting of the OBA committee in Room K at BGS. I won’t go into the full business of the meeting but some interesting discussion was had as well as the more routine business.

I have been a member of the committee for several years but because I’m based near Bristol I have only once before attended such a meeting. One AOB item touched on this in the sense that I requested, not for the first time, that we should enable members of the committee to take part in the meeting remotely, via a facility such as Skype. This would not only be convenient for me but could encourage and enable other OBA members not based in Boston to become members of the committee.

It was good to meet everyone including BGS staff member, Luke Anderson, who I learned is also the son of a BGS old boy. He is keen to involve current students with the OBA and to encourage them to join once they leave school, which is great.

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