Old Bostonian Association AGM 2020 – Report

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Old Bostonian Association AGM 2020 – Report

The Old Bostonian Association Annual General Meeting for 2020 was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was held “virtually” on Wednesday 21 April 2021 using Zoom. These notes are not the official minutes of the meeting but represent some of the main points covered.

The President, “Gus” Goor was unable to attend the meeting since he was having short notice work done on his network connectivity at the time of the meeting. Vice Chairman Rob Barclay led the meeting from the start. Unfortunately a power cut hit part of Boston during the meeting and while Rob rejoined the meeting he was no longer able to fulfil some of the functions of Chair, so Peter Sharman filled in the gaps.

The usual reports were heard from officers after which there were points arising mainly relating to recruitment of new members to the Association:

  • Trevor Page suggested that we make public details of the AGM (this summary is in fulfilment of that suggestion), and make sure everyone who engaged with the Facebook group knows how to join the Association. The decision was to return to implementing a facility to subscribe to the Association via this website, which is already partially implemented.
  • David J Thompson pledged to match the first year subscriptions of the next 10 new members to join the Association (a total of £100) in the form of what he calls a “Challenge Match”. This will be publicised on the Facebook group.

The committee and officers were voted in. Existing officers remain in post as do members of the general committee; there are in addition two new members of the general committee:

  • President: “Gus” Goor
  • Vice Chairman: Rob Barclay
  • Treasurer: Mark Bruntlett
  • Secretary: Peter Sharman
  • General Committee: Luke Anderson (BGS staff), Richard Anderson, John McHenry (BGS Headteacher), Simon Meeds, Trevor Page, Roger Welberry – new members: Vincent Chambers, Stephen Wood

Two further posts were elected, both holders remaining unchanged:

  • Museum Curator: Luke Anderson
  • Accounts Examiner: Sarah McKay

In AOB there was a general expression of satisfaction at the fact that this meeting was held on Zoom and a hope that further business and some social meetings could be held remotely or in a hybrid remote / face-to-face fashion, allowing widely spread members to take part as much as possible. Several of those present also thanked Simon Meeds for his contributions to the Association by managing this website and the Facebook group. Specific AOB matters included:

  • Peter Sharman suggested that the OBA should provide the school with a more permanent memorial for former students who fell in the two world wars since the original memorial lectern is looking worse for wear. John McHenry agreed that this was a good idea. Simon Meeds suggested that BGS history teacher Faye Neave may like to involved in these discussions since she has done a lot of work researching the fallen of BGS. It was suggested that any former students who have fallen in more recent conflicts might also be included on a new memorial. The new paved area near the dining hall, which was paid for by the OBA, was suggested as an appropriate location.
  • Edward Hackford suggested having a couple of “speaker meetings” per year via Zoom to better include OBA members who are not always able to visit Boston for events.
  • Stephen Wood suggested an on-line repository of historical documents relating to OBA could be set up (including issues of the Bostonian, Acta Grammatica and Grammar Gazette for example). Luke Anderson said this was in line with some of his plans for the OBA musem. In particular there was a plan to scan the documents held over time. GDPR requirements would have to be considered.
  • Luke Anderson suggested that the OBA might like to replace or repair the clock on the school pavilion. Luke, who was a student at BGS before being a staff member, remembers the clock having hands but not working; it no longer even has hands. He suggested this could become part of the project for a new war memorial mentioned above, or it could be a separate project.

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