Panoramic school photographs

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Panoramic school photographs

Between the 1930s and the 1960s a photographer would sometimes come into the school with a special panoramic camera which enabled him to take a photograph of the whole school contingent including students and staff. More recently it has become possible to take such photographs with digital cameras and the vogue for this type of image has returned.

The older technique often achieved the panorama by rotating the lens of a special camera. It took some time to expose the photograph, starting at one end of the line-up of subjects and ending at the other. Sometimes a crafty student would run from one end of the other to appear twice in the same photograph. I’m not aware of that ever happening at Boston Grammar School. Can you see anyone who appears twice in any of our photographs?

A number of these photographs are available on the OBA wiki, and we have managed to name many of the people appearing in them.

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