The OBA Constitution

The constitution of the Old Bostonian Association is currently under review following some changes to the structure of the association. Once the new wording has been agreed it is our intention to publish the full constitution here.

In the meantime here are some extracts from the constitution which are most relevant to you as a member of the association.


Membership of the OBA shall be open to former students of Boston Grammar School, who attended the School for a minimum of one year, and to past and present members of the teaching staff of the school.


The aims of the association are:

  • To promote union and good-fellowship amongst the members, including discussion and information, whether by electronic means or otherwise
  • To provide a means whereby former students may co-operate with Boston Grammar School foundation governors, the teaching staff and BGS support organisations in promoting the welfare of the school
  • To promote fellowship between the OBA and the school through sporting events and social occasions

Sports and social activities

  1. The OBA may sponsor properly organised sports activities.
  2. The OBA may also sponsor social activities for members of the OBA and guests.

Annual general meeting

  1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held on the third or fourth week of September in each year or as close as possible.  At least 28 days’ notice shall be given of this Meeting.
  2. Any Member may submit, in writing, matters for consideration at the AGM, which reach the OBA Secretary by the first Monday of September preceding the Meeting.
  3. The meeting may be held in person or electronically at the discretion of the General Committee