The OBA Constitution



The name of the Association shall be OLD BOSTONIAN ASSOCIATION (hereinafter called “OBA”.


Membership of the OBA shall be open to Former Students of Boston Grammar School, who attended the School for a minimum of one year, and to past and present members of the Teaching Staff of the School.


The objects of the OBA are:

  1. To promote union and good-fellowship amongst the Members, including discussion and information, whether by electronic means or otherwise
  2. To provide a means whereby Former Students may co-operate with Boston Grammar School Foundation Governors, the Teaching Staff and BGS support organisations in promoting the welfare of the School;
  3. To promote fellowship between the OBA and the School through sporting events and social occasions.


  1. President

    The President shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and hold office until the next AGM. All Members, including Past Presidents, shall be eligible for the office.

    The President shall preside at all social functions, including the Annual Dinner and shall be Chairman at the General Committee and an ex-officio member of all sub committees.

  2. Vice President

    The Vice President shall be elected annually at the AGM and shall hold office until the next AGM. All Members, including past holders, shall be eligible for this office.

    The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President.

  3. The OBA Secretary, The Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Auditor shall be elected at the AGM.

  4. Honorary Vice Presidents

    Members of the OBA who have rendered valuable service to the Association or to the School may be elected Honorary Vice Presidents for life at the AGM.

    There is no additional power conferred to Honorary Vice Presidents


The General Committee, which shall manage the affairs of the OBA, shall consist of:

  1. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer;
  2. The Headteacher, as an ex-officio member;
  3. Up to one representative, who is an OBA Member, of the School Staff;
  4. Up to 14 other Members of the OBA who shall be elected at the AGM;
  5. Up to four Members of the Sixth Form (two from Upper Sixth, two from Lower Sixth) to be elected by the Sixth Formers annually in September.

The General Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees as necessary and co-opt Members for specific purposes when required.

Six shall form a quorum.


  1. The OBA may sponsor properly organised sports activities.
  2. The OBA may also sponsor social activities for Members of the OBA and guests.


  1. The financial year shall commence on 1 st June and a Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet as at 31 st May the following shall be prepared and presented for consideration by the General Committee prior to presentation at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. A current account shall be kept. All cheques and transfers of funds shall be signed by any two of: The President, the Vice President, OBA Secretary or the Honorary Treasurer.
  3. With the consent of the General Committee the Treasurer may invest Association funds.
  4. All other financial matters shall be dealt with by the General Committee.


  1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held on the third or fourth week of
    September in each year or as close as possible. At least 28 days’ notice shall be
    given of this Meeting.
  2. Any Member may submit, in writing, matters for consideration at the AGM, which
    reach the OBA Secretary by the first Monday of September preceding the
  3. The meeting may be held in person or electronically in the discretion of the
    General Committee


  1. Any Member shall be at liberty to propose an alteration to the Constitution and and shall give notice, in writing, of such proposal to the OBA Secretary of a term no shorter that 28 clear days.
  2. The Constitution may be altered by Ordinary Resolution at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting and such Resolutions shall be competent only if notice of the proposed alteration has been circulated to Members in the notice convening such General Meeting.


An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called:

  1. By the General Committee, or
  2. On the request, in writing, to the OBA Secretary, of 20 Members. 21 days’ notice, at least, shall be given of such Meeting, which may be held in person or electronically.


  1. The OBA may be dissolved by General Meeting provided that 65% of Members attending (whether in person or electronically) vote in favour of the resolution
  2. In that event the assets of the OBA shall be handed over to Boston Grammar School Charitable Foundation to be used for its charitable purposes.

12. The Constitution should be published in a durable format.

(PAJS revised) Aug 2021