William Edward Cox

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William Edward Cox

William Edward Cox in 1958
Nicknames Ted, Teddy
Education Kirton School; Boston Grammar School (1921-1929); College of St Mark and St John, Chelsea (BSc 1932)
Roles Head of Physics from about 1966
Years at BGS ?-c1929 (student); 1950-1971 (staff)
Departments Science
Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education
Known for Football, Cricket, Radio and Electronics Society, Science Society
Notable work(s) Parry Gold Medal winner 1929; captain of football and cricket

William Edward Cox was a student and later a teacher at Boston Grammar School. He taught Physics, Chemistry and Physical Education.

Before Boston Grammar School

Cox was Second Master of St Thomas' Church of England School (1932-1950). During WWII he was a Flight Lieutenant (meteorological officer) in the RAF.

At Boston Grammar School

As a staff member Cox was involved in Football, Cricket, Radio and Electronics Society, Science Society. He had been captain of both cricket and football when a student at the school and won the 1929 Parry Gold Medal.

After Boston Grammar School

When he left Boston Grammar School in 1971, Cox retired. He was a member of the Old Bostonian Association.

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